The PLK, Sprouts Foundation, FCC Secondary Education Services Centre (SESC)

With the success of the ESC at the Primary level, Sprouts together with Po Leung Kuk and the FCC decided to extend the programme for students moving into their secondary years, to help them reap its benefits throughout their schooling career.

Launched in September 2013 with an initial capacity for 96 Form 1-4 students, the Secondary ESC (SESC) is located at the the PLK CW Chu College (Lung Hang Estate) Secondary School, located in Tai Wai, Shatin, immediately adjacent to the Primary ESC's location and sharing its program management team.

The SESC programme aims to coach relevant life-skills, to prepare our teenagers to interact with the "real world" in later years.  In addition to native-taught English classes, the programme includes physical and emotional health education through sports, crafts and other design activities, where students learn how to be active, healthy and at the same time benefit from moments for self-reflection.  In addition, students will aquire skills in interviews, presentation and in higher grades simple financial literacy.  The curriculum is taught in small classes of roughly 7-8 students for each instructor. 

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