The PLK, Sprouts Foundation, FCC Primary Education Services Centre

LEGCO1.jpgSprouts is one of three founding partners of The PLK, Sprouts Foundation, FCC Education Services Centre (the Primary ESC), which is located within the PLK Dr. Jimmy Wong Chi-Ho (Tin Sum Valley) Primary School. The Primary ESC was established in September 2011, and provides activity-based, after-school Englsh and Putonghua classes to disadvantaged children in Tai Wai, Shatin.

The Primary ESC programme's goals are to help students improve their confidence and personal skills, both in their academic and personal lives, thus creating better opportunities for their futures. Native-language teachers lead classes for 144 students, at a low student-instructor ratio of only 6:1. Through fun and interactive weekly classes and storytelling, as well as a wide variety of monthly outings, the Primary ESC creates a stimulating learning environment for these students who otherwise are unable to afford any other extra-curricular activity. These classes and activities are provided free to the students, and are fully funded by the partners of the Primary ESC.  Parental and day-school feedback have been positive, with parents and teachers expressing that the ESC students are exhibiting greater confidence in class and overall improved academic performance. Fabric_painting.JPG

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