Better English Supplementary Teaching (BEST) Programme

DSC01071.jpgUsing our three-year old Hong Kong project as a base, and after eighteen months of research and planning in Yangon and Mandalay, we are now closer to finalizing our plan for bringing expert English language teachers and an enhanced English language curriculum into a pilot school in Mandalay in 2015.

The BEST programme aims to improve English language learning and teaching to underprivileged students in Myanmar, to enhance their academic performance and long -term employment opportunities. The programme would encompass curriculum enhancement, improved curriculum delivery. BEST also aims to augment English-language teaching capacity through teacher mentoring and training. Sprouts plans to collaborate with one or more non-government organisations in Myanmar to deliver its programme goals. 

The primary beneficiaries will be students and teachers in low-resourced schools that lack training capacity and resources. The BEST programme initially intends to operate within the monastic schools in the Mandalay and Sagaing divisions.

For the pilot programme, Sprouts will initially hire and support 2-3 expert English language BEST programme teachers to join our pilot school faculty teaching a limited number of grades. Our teachers will offer enhanced English lessons, adapted from the local Myanmar curriculum as well as our experience in Hong Kong but set within the context of the classroom and educational requirements in Myanmar. Each class  will receive English language teaching led by BEST teachers with the assistance of existing local teachers. As practised in Hong Kong, evaluations will be carried out periodically to monitor progress and effectivness of our programme. DSC01058.jpg

Following the pilot programme, BEST will bring on additional instructors to test the programme in a larget setting, encompassing larger schools and higher grades. Over the long-term BEST intends to collaborate with relevant education authorities to promote more effective English teaching methods and curriculum enhancements, which can be applied to all low-resourced schools in Myanmar. 

We are currently recruiting teachers and a curriculum director. If you are interested please send us a CV and contact us at: