Volunteer Partners

We would like to thank the following groups, families and/or individuals for devoting their valuable time and effort supporting a better education for under-privileged children.

ESC Weekend Activity Volunteers 

Abuali family -- AMC Bowling; Children's Medical Foundation Carnival

Arora family -- Ocean Park

M. Chan & Y. Li -- Half-the-Sky Charity Walk

Chan family -- Lamma Fisherfolk

J. Charleston -- HK Soccer Sevens

Eichacker family -- Half-the-Sky Charity Walk

Fallon family -- HK Soccer Sevens

Grainger family -- HK Soccer Sevens & HK Rugby Sevens

Hee family -- Bumbletots

Howe family -- Half-the-Sky Charity Walk

J. Kim & family -- Half-the-Sky Charity Walk

V. Li -- Half-the-Sky-Charity Walk

M. Lonergan -- HK Soccer Sevens

Lowy family -- Ocean Park

Nichols family -- Half-the-Sky Charity Walk; Disney

Staerkle family -- HK Rugby Sevens

S. & B. Watson -- Half-the-Sky Charity Walk

P. Wang & C. Li -- Half-the-Sky Charity Walk

Ella Wong -- Children's Medical Foundation Carnival

Wang-Zhu family -- Disney

Arts Electives & Outings

Charlotte de Charentenay -- Sculpture

Asma Chisty -- Pastry Design

Eavan McDonald -- Post-production Studio Visit

Fong Foundation

Simon Suen Foundation


Extra-Curricular Sports

Evan Reilly -- Basketball coaching


In-class Support & Story Telling 

Emile Tal

A&M Shuper


Other Activities & Outings 

Bank of America Merrill Lynch


Capital Group Companies



University of California (San Diego) Alumni Association HK