Financial Sponsors

The Sprouts Foundation and all its beneficiaries thank you for your generous support. The children you help are receiving a gift of education to which they would not otherwise have access, and will bring these lessons to bear for a better future for themselves and for our world.

Diamond Partners (HKD 100,000+)

The Shuper family
The Howe family
D. Fung
The Wolf family 

Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
Harrow International School HK Foundation

Gold Partners (HKD 20,000 - 99,999)

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Asia Pacific Regional Office
Sovereign Art Foundation 

The Abuali family
The Nichols family
S. & O. Shuper
The Tal family
The Welch family
The Wells family
The Yip family 

Silver Partners (HKD 5,000 - 19,999)

J.P. Morgan
Hong Kong Football Club
Hong Kong Rugby Football Union
Macquarie Group Foundation
Premiere Performances Hong Kong

S. Alexander
The Arora family
The Ayoub family
The Chan family
The Chen family
The Donohugh family
A. Economos
The Eichacker family
P. Fernandez
The Grainger family
S. Gupta & family
The Haik family
H. La
The Lowy family
The Poureshagh family
The Staerkle family
The Wang-Zhu family 

Friends of Sprouts (up to HKD 5,000)

Children's Medical Foundation
Noah's Ark Hong Kong
Seres Asset Management 

The Aagaard family
T.D. Baker-Rice
The Bustnes family
The Chisty family
The Choong family
C. Chu & family
The DeJong family
The Delmonaco family
The DePree family
A. Edinger
The Fallon-McDonald family
The Fernandez family
A. Gu
The Hawkins family
L.K.L. Hee
The Hee family
E. Huang & family
G.H. Jayachandran
T. Keyes & family
The Koenig family
J. Kim & family
The Lavenue family
V. Li & family
Z. Li
S. Lin
The Luong family
The Morgan-Campbell family
AKS Ng & family
W.H. Pang
The Parekh family
The Robinson family
The Scott-Shaw family
P. Shaw & family
K. Shuper
W. & A. Smart
The Sparrow family
The Soligo family
The Storey family
The Suan family
A.H.C. Wan
The Ward family
M.D. Wolf
D. Zhang & M. Yaobing
K.X. Zhang