The Sprouts Foundation Story

shutterstock_lightbulb.jpgThe Sprouts Foundation was established in 2008 by the Shuper family, to create a legacy of social responsibility with a focus on disadvantaged children in Asia. Sprouts began as a family commitment, providing mainly financial assistance to a variety of projects in children's health and education in China, India, Hong Kong and Nepal.

With growing experience, and with the benefit of extensive family backgrounds in education, the Shupers increasingly focused the efforts of Sprouts to:

  • Provide high-quality, student-centric and activity-based education, to
  • Advance children from the lowest income groups in their respective locations, with a particular
  • Focus on English-language and IT education, in order to
  • Substantially improve students' self-confidence as well as their future employment prospects, while ensuring that we
  • Measure the results of our projects, thereby giving us the data to
  • Promote systemic changes in local curricula, capturing those aspects of our programs that most demonstrably enrich students over the medium-to-long term.

Today, we are a Hong Kong registered charity (IRD#91/12308), pooling our resources, experience and community networks, to establish highly effective education programmes for underprivileged children especially in Hong Kong, and selectively in other parts of Asia. 

In 2011, the Sprouts Foundation launched our anchor project:  an after-school English programme in a very low-income district within Hong Kong's New Territories.  We partner with Po Leung Kuk (PLK), one of Hong Kong's oldest non-profit organizations, and the Foreign Correspondents Club of Hong Kong Charity Committee (FCC).  The PLK, Sprouts Foundation and FCC Education Services Centre (ESC) is located within a housing estate primary school in Tai Wai, close to Sha Tin, with capacity for 144 students aged 6-12 years old.

The ESC provides opportunities for children to improve their language skills in a fun and interactive environment, helping each child not only build confidence and self esteem but also boost his or her academic achievements.  Through their generosity, friends of the Sprouts Foundation have further helped us supplement the core after-school curriculum with a variety of weekend outings in which donors also have the chance to participate. Please click here to learn how you can help with our Weekend Activity Program.

The success of the ESC has encouraged Sprouts and our partners to establish an extension to the initial programme for students aged 13-16, with the launch of the PLK, Sprouts Foundation and FCC Secondary Education Services Centre (SESC) in September 2013.

Learn more about our programs in Hong Kong.  

We continue to search for ways to bring better education to children who need it most in Asia. Let us know if you would like to support us or partner with us.